Since the mid of the last decade, Tschitmz Constructions Company has been marching with steady steps on the road of construction and building in the United States contributing substantially, comprehensively and on a wide scale in the development and growth of the industrial sector in the country.

These big achievements have been materialized through the construction and execution of more than five thousand industrial units and buildings which are considered as a momentum enhancing the industrial development in the US in general  as a result of the open and developing economic policies by USA in this vital sector.

Tschitmz  Constructions Company was the first contracting company that promoted and developed the concept of the integrated design and construction as turnkey project and that for all projects whether small, medium or big. For the purpose of consolidating this creative concept in the field of contracting, Tschitmz Constructions  Company has executed more than five thousand projects breaking a record in shortening the performance period during which it applied the latest advanced technology in the design, planning and execution.

The credibility and reputation of which have been fostered and strengthened with its clients, pushed the company forward during its march on the road of development and growth, to occupy an outstanding position among the ranks of the best companies operating in USA.

This outstanding success did not cease and get beyond when the company entered the stage of constructing High Rise towers as a new leap in the field of diversification and coping with the development witnessed in the field of architecture.

The CEO of the company Thomas Schmitz, played a crucial role in pushing forward the company to reach this high standing by employing and utilizing his knowledge and experience for the benefit of operating and administering this company, focusing all his efforts to achieve the highest standards of operation and execution. Due to his farsightedness and tireless endeavors to meet the market's requirements and to satisfy the clients as well as his unique skills, talents and experience, he enabled the company during the last fourteen years to leave its fingerprints clearly in the field of contracting. The company holds today a prestigious portfolio of distinguished towers in the area.